What to Do After a Skin-Picking Session


This video covers the following points:

What does it feel like ‘after the fall’, when you have just had a really bad picking session, and why.

How a fear of ‘the fall’ can keep us locked into picking sessions for even longer, and how to break that cycle.

What to introduce into this moment instead of self-diminishment.

How to let go of the destructive, destroying thoughts, feeling, emotions, perceptions and beliefs in the rock bottom moment.

How we created this emotional storm that only adds to the pain of the rock bottom moment.

How it looks to live the words: self-care, self-love, self-forgiveness and unconditional self-embracing.

How to become your own safe haven in the space after the picking session.

Hacking Rock Bottom

This video discusses that rock-bottom point we hit after a big picking session, the worst moment of them all. But, consider that the biggest solutions are found within the biggest problems. There is a way to hack this moment and break the vicious cycles of excoriation/compulsive skin-picking disorder.

Important points from the video:

  • What is the best moment to begin to support yourself for rock bottoming?
  • How to identify when you’re about to hit rock-bottom.
  • What we normally do in this moment, versus what we CAN do to hack the OCD cycle.
  • Examples of what to do in the rock bottom moment to hack the OCD cycle and empower yourself.