Facing the World After A Skin-Picking Session


This video covers how to face the ‘cold’, ‘harsh’ world after we have fallen into a skin-picking session. This video offers tools to pave the way for how to be a different you when you leave the house. How to quiet your mind and focus on what is important: YOU.


Important points from the video:

  • How does it feel to enter into public after a skin-picking session and how it changes our behaviour.
  • How: Who we decide to be in these moments can either contribute to another picking session, and what slights alterations can contribute instead to self-strengthening.
  • What is the reality going on on a deeper level when we feel like the world is a nasty place?
  • What to visualize and how to hold your body in such a way that is supportive in the application of empowering self when out in the world.
  • Where to place your focus when facing the world. This slight shift in focus creates huge change internally and in how we comport ourselves in public.
  • How to focus and direct your practical responsibilities out in the world in such a way that makes the experience manageable and create forward motion in your life.
  • What surprising obstacles will persistently surface, and how to deal with them.
  • How to quiet your mind and focus on what is important: YOU.
  • A reminder about Who We Really Are, what we have done and how we got here.