Do You Eat Your Scabs?

Eating the Scabs or the Skin

This is a common question I see in support groups that many are afraid to ask. I think it’s safe to say at this point that it is pretty common… but what do we do with this? What lies beyond building up the courage to ask, and then asking and finding out you’re not alone? Does the road end there, or is there something more that can be learned? This video covers just such topics.

Important points in the video:

  • The importance of defining/personalizing points for yourself, what the affliction means to YOU, how does it play out in your life, and how YOU chose to deal with it/script a solution.
  • How self consumption is showing a point of self-disatisfaction, how and why?
  • Introducing some common sense and self-introspection when looking at this behaviour.
  • Looking at how to use skin/scab eating as a point of support in your life.
  • How to create yourself as someone you can be satisfied with, and why that creative potential is of utmost importance.

Click the link and the video will open up for you in a new tab:

Eating Your Scabs