Real-Time Moments of Support


The content under this topic consists of moments throughout the day where real-time support is required. This skill is essential to develop as it breaks the vicious cycles that excoriation sufferers are all too  familiar with.

This step in the process evolves with self-direction, as one gains self-understanding through self-introspection.

Real-time moments of support usually involve observing the urge arise within self (self-observation/self-awareness), identifying the trigger, and correcting self in the moment (self-corrective application).

What has been realized within this is that these moments are precious and powerful.

Precious because they are the living manifestation of self-care, self-worth, self-will, self-discipline, as well as the building of self-confidence and self-trust.  These qualities or skills are invaluable in the management and eventual cessation of this disorder. And powerful because they literally break the cycle in the moment where it is easiest to do so.

Notice that the self-correction usually involves doing something physical. This is because the disorder has a ‘build up’ effect, which is like an internal build up of feeling and emotional energy which seeks to be released. This release must happen, and will either take the form of a skin picking-session, or the alternative of exerting the energy physically, through movement and activity.

This corrective-application brings one out of one’s mind, and into the physical. Problems and issues that at one time seemed so big and overwhelming in the mind, can shrink and become manageable as perspective is regained through grounding oneself in physical reality.

Sometimes physical activity is not possible. Click on the ‘Real-Time Moments of Support’ tab at the top of the screen to see all the different examples of self-corrections applied in the moment.