Every Stage of the Cycle


Stages of the Cycle


1.The Moments Before the Pick

These are the moments where you still have the chance to stop yourself. These are moments of prevention.

These are moments where you were doing fine – living your life, moving through your day, and then all of a sudden your mind becomes bombarded with random thoughts and images of your skin and places you might want to pick. Also, anxieties and stressors begin to appear, providing ourselves with the perfect excuse as a reason to pick, and giving ourselves the solution to the reason, which is picking.And this is how we accept and allow ourselves to create the perfect storm for picking in the moments before we pick.

Check out the ‘before the pick’ videos to see that you do have a choice in this moment, so long as you act fast, you can escape it intact and build your resolve at the same time!

2. During the pick/’mid-pick’

This stage in the cycle is when you are in it, as it, of it. It is as if there is nothing you can do to escape, you are now prisoner to yourself, and you must see the pick through to completion. But what is that completion?

Check out the ‘mid-pick’ videos to see how to support yourself in this difficult stage of the cycle.

3. After the Fall

Another difficult part of the cycle, is when a picking session comes to a close. There is that momentary release or relief that took you away from the anxiety, stress and overwhelming-ness you had been carrying around all day. But that is soon replaced by new emotional baggage: regret, anger, guilt, remorse and shame.

Watch the ‘after the fall’ videos to see what you can do in this moment, to support yourself  to not make it any worse than it already is, and even build part of yourself even in this difficult moment.

Sometimes it just takes a few re-alignments to make a BIG difference over time.

4. Moments of Stability

These are the ‘in between moments’ which can sometimes be elusive. Those moments where things are just kind of ok, sometimes, dare I say, even good, strong, powerful, capable. These are the moments where we are sometimes able to tell ourselves ‘no’, and actually listen.

This is a touchy subject because, we like these moments. We want them and dream for them to come back around, and sometimes they do.

Check out the ‘Moments of Stability’ videos and the one titled “Vicious Cycles’ to see how these moments, if not properly lived and managed, can actually lead to the feeding and perpetuation of the disorder. I know, shitty right? Don’t worry, there is a way we can change this, so that these moments do in fact involve the development of real strength, power, ability and determination, instead of just the ‘feelings’ of these words.

There is a difference between ‘feeling’ the words, and actually LIVING the words and making them real in your life.

The Every Stage of the Cycle category will cover all of these stages, and the millions of moments in between.

Please enjoy the series!