Creating A New Self-Relationship


The relationship we have with ourselves is often the most neglected relationship of them all. Especially if, like me, you suffer from dermatillomania, or any other form of OCD.  In these self-relationships, we are prone to internal bullying, negative self-talk, self-abuse, self-harm, self-limiting beliefs. We even live it out on our skin.

One day, when I was looking at what I was doing to myself, and listening to the little voice in my mind telling me I was not good enough, that I couldn’t stop, that I was powerless, and so on… And the question that brought me to a grinding halt within myself was, “would I treat a child this way?” The answer was a resounding “No, absolutely not!” Thus began the first steps of creating a new self-relationship.

I took the stance of viewing myself as a child, and through the eyes of a child. the word that stands out for me the most here is: innocence. Since then, I have endeavored to reclaim and ceate this innocence within myself, and to take my own hand, as if I stood as both parent and child within myself, to raise myself as someone strong, confident and self-assured. Someone I can be proud of.

In this series, you will walk the steps with me as I create a new-self relationship, and hopefully do the same for yourself in your own life. Reclaim that freedom you had as a child… do you remember it? I do.