What is this website?

This website is a compilation of years of investigation unlike any other. It’s contents mark the process of one individual who took on the point of OCD, specifically skin-picking, or excoriation disorder, so thoroughly that she brought it to a point of manageability and is now living a normal life. At the beginning of this process, the reality of a normal life seemed unimaginable, however, this individual has reached beyond her limitations and is now living out the dreams she never thought possible.


The purpose of this website is to facilitate the process of others to assist and support them to also strive to attain their potential, and to no longer be held back by this limiting and self-diminishing disorder. This possibility has now been realized, and so now is the time to commit yourself to yourself, and to walk a dedicated process of self-understanding, forgiveness, and taking back your life.

Read and absorb the material, relate to it, use it to better understand yourself, engage, ask questions, share comments, and apply the tools of change.

The website is also a useful resource for parents of children afflicted with excoriation, to understand the experience their children are going through. Children may not have the understanding or vocabulary to effectively communicate their internal experience, and can therefore not necessarily take the steps to seek the support they need. Many of the behaviours, habits and patterns discovered within and as this disorder begin in childhood. If parents can step in and support their children to navigate through it at a young age, it will be to the best benefit of the child as they enter into adulthood with a greater understanding and better self- and life-management skills.


The methods used in this process include self-forgiveness, self-commitment, and self-corrective application. This involves bringing up suppressions, memories, reactions, habits, patterns, judgments, ideas, perceptions and beliefs that contribute to and perpetuate compulsive skin picking. In bringing forth this information within self, we learn how to look at it with unprejudiced objectivity and understanding, these skills acting as facilitators to change. This method also includes creating a new blueprint for self, one of self-scripted corrections which, when lived out over time, become the ‘new you’.

Modern day science and medicine tend to overlook the ‘self’ that is involved in resolving mental disorders. This website can serve to act in partnership with available and established treatment, inserting ‘self’ into the healing process. Regardless of the treatment one is already undergoing, this process of self-understanding functions in a complimentary fashion, strengthening the individual to be able to derive the most benefit from their existing regime. In no way is this information a replacement for clinical or medical advice or recommendation.


The contents of this site consist of a structured approach to writing, where one looks at oneself with clinical specificity and detail, with documents detailing the experience, causes, intricacies and solutions to what it is we are afflicted with.

The depth to which we are able to travel into self is limitless. The time and dedication required to invest into yourself is something you have to decide to do. It is a choice made for self, it is the decision to value yourself so unconditionally that you will in fact make this investment for you, to give yourself your life back, and from there, create yourself as the best possible version of you.

The material within the site document a process of self-understanding and self-change that took place over years.

Video content shows documented improvement over time, and features realizations, tips and tricks, as well as the living proof of self-change.