5 Golden Rules of Picking


My Skin-Picking Rules and Regulations

I understand that these rules are set by me, for me, for where I am at right now. I realize I cannot continue the way I am going, and must take steps and make steps so that I can, step-by-step, create a new way of life and living.

These are the things I commit to for me, my healing and well-being:

I commit myself to follow these rules and regulations until they are integrated and ingrained habits within my life and living.

I commit myself to monitor my progress, and when and as I see that I have successfully ingrained these habits, I will change and update them to further progress in managing skin-picking.


  1. Before all picking sessions I must wash my hands and sterilize my tools as well as the skin I am about to pick. After the session I must clean the touched area.
    1. If there is moisture and it is wet, I wash the area, I apply a clay mask, rinse and leave it.
    2. If it is dry, I leave it, but if it is red and dry I may apply antibacterial cream or All-Heal cream.


  1. I may only pick twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night.
    1. If I miss one of these timeframes, I may not make it up later, it is considered missed and the moment has passed and I must wait for the next timeframe.
    2. In the morning means after I wake up, and before I get ready for my day.
    3. At night means after I have prepared myself for bed (brushed teeth, used toilet, put pj’s on, prepared my room and bed for sleeping).
    4. I may not push back the times due to picking. Once I make the decision that it is time to prepare for the day or time to go to bed, then I must move myself to do so despite where I am at with picking, I must let it go.


  1. During allotted picking times, I first start by taking a breath, slowing down, and observing what I am about to do. I maintain this awareness throughout the session by every now and then pulling away, taking a breath and grounding myself.
    1. If I see myself losing awareness and going into the possessed mode where I do real damage, I stop, and I breathe, I stop working on the damaged area nd move to only pluck hairs from my legs without touching the skin.


  1. I may only pop or squeeze when there is a visible white head, and only pluck a hair when it is long enough for the tweezers to grab without damaging the skin.


  1. After a session I must bring myself back to self-love, self-care and self-acceptance by taking actual actions to prepare myself for the day or for sleep.



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