Self-Neglect: Awareness Emerges (Stepping Out of the Isolation of OCD)

With having dermatillomania/OCD/excoriation disorder, we can tend to isolate ourselves and shrink our worlds down to include very few people. Thinking that this makes it easier is a justification to not have to face the world and the disorder, but instead to indulge into the disorder and hide from the negative consequences it creates by isolating ourselves from the world.

This does not mean the consequences are not there, it just means we are not looking at them because nothing in our world is mirroring to us our actual reality – we are instead creating a reality within which we can exist more comfortably, even though we know very well we will have to face it eventually.

In this video, I discuss moments where small acts of neglect can lead to this isolation, and lead to projecting one’s own reactions onto others, feeling as though it is the world, reality and the people within it that are being neglectful towards us, when in fact it is ourselves that can contribute to this, and thus change it.


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