Skin-Picking and Arguing for Your Limitations

This one may be a toughie! Try to place yourself in a memory of a time where you became defensive about skin-picking, in a moment where someone was making a comment or trying to tell you how to stop. Bring the moment here, immerse yourself in it and remember how you felt and what went on in your mind, bring it all here while watching this video.

Video description:

Do you find yourself feeling defensive, irritated, even sometimes leading to aggressiveness when someone tries to support you or tell you what to do when it comes to stopping skin-picking. Sometimes even the best intentions can send us into a spiral of argumentation and just wanting to be left alone?

Why do we react in this way?

This video covers:

  • Why do we become defensive when others, including loved ones, try to support us through skin-picking?
  • The role is skin-picking playing that makes us ant to hang on to it so strongly, even compromising our relationships in the process.
  • Describing the different parts of self that exist in an almost schizophrenic relationship existent within us, and how we can tend to view this as a threat, belittling, disapproving or like a personal attack, and why, and what to do instead.
  • What it feels like to take down the armour.
  • The conflict we create in our lives when we defend skin-picking, and the personal consequences of doing so.
  • What happened to me when I took down that armour and experienced what lay behind it.
  • What lies beyond the limitations we are arguing for?

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