Peeking Under the Bandaide


This video discusses the situation where we have a bandaide covering a wound, and we have the urge to take a peek underneath, but we are doing so from the starting point of having the ‘urge to pick’… where we KNOW we will pick at it again, only making it worse, risking infection and scarring.

Important points in the video:

  • How to approach the situation
  • How to use decision-making to hack the skin-pick cycle and build some resolve by taking a stand.
  • The difference between a ‘compulsive decision’, and a ‘decision made in awareness’.
  • How this develops self-authority.
  • How, when we are in the compulsive-state, we are skewing our reality and not really in control of ourselves (can’t trust ourselves in this moment).
  • How this can build towards re-directing yourself in the face of future urges.
  • Why the small moments are actually HUGE.

To watch the video, click here: Peeking Under the Bandaide


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