Using Acrylic Nails, Bandages and Clothing to Physically Prevent Skin-Picking


Click the link below to watch the video.

Many sufferers of skin-picking use physical methods of prevention to stop skin-picking. In this video I discuss the effects this has on the disorder, and when not properly applied, how this method can actually make things worse and more difficult in the long run. I also discuss how to effectively use this method.

Important point from the video:

  • Looking at the underlying causes of compulsive skin-picking, including the intense internal experience.
  • The role skin-picking plays in the disorder, the disorder being more than just skin picking
  • What skin picking gives us, and what happens when we take it away through physical prevention such as acrylic nails, bandaides, and clothes.
  • The beneficial role these physical preventative measures can play if used properly.
  • The consequences of depriving yourself from skin-picking, and how to prevent them.
  • My experience with applying these measures, and what I learned.

Click on the link here to watch the video: Using Acrylic Nails, bandages and Clothing the Physically Prevent Skin-Picking

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