The Moments of Stability


Moments of Stability form a part of the cycles involved in excoriation/skin-picking/dermatillomania. These moments can be used to perpetuate the disorder, or to build self-strength. It is important to understand the difference between the two so that you can choose actions that ensure your personal growth and development which will be used as self-control in the difficult moments.

The moments of stability occur when your skin starts to heal, you start feeling good/better and entering back into your normal life. These moments may be brief and elusive. This video covers how to extend these moments, and to make the most of them while they are here, as well as to set ourselves up for the fall that will inevitably, eventually come.

Important points in this video:

  • Describing the moment of stability.
  • How the moment of stability eventually leads to a fall.
  • Seeing through the deception of the moment of stability and thus using it with awareness.
  • Naming the self-sabotage that happens in these moments, using personal examples.
  • How to create solutions to prevent the self-sabotage in a way that is sustainable.
  • The two examples I address include becoming overly motivated, or easing off.
  • How to transform moments of stability into moments of creation/self-creation, where you can determine and decide what kind of life you want to be living and see yourself in, and take steps towards creating it.
  • How to set yourself up a foundation to support yourself during lows.
  • How to tell the difference between the cycles of the disorder (eye of the tornado), and actual REAL growth.

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