The Vicious Cycles

Derma can be a sneaky disorder that seems to somehow keep us perpetually held in it’s grips. In this older video, I am sharing some common sense that I observed in myself, in order to snap myself out of the cycle and into reality.

Important points in the video:

  • Neglecting to investigate your disorder due to the fear of having to live without it.
  • Looking at the cycles we go through and how they function, but which we do not notice because we are too lost in the disorder.
  • Looking at why it is so very difficult to forgive ourselves, and what happens if you allow yourself to forgive yourself.
  •  The outflows and consequences of not forgiving ourselves.
  • How the cycles of OCD perpetuate the disorder, even when we sometimes get our shit together, and how this creates more of a waiting than a creation of stability, and how that waiting only leads to another fall.

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