OCD and the Problem Oriented Mindset


With having OCD/dermatillomania, I find I carry a lot of unnecessary burden where I end up only looking for the problems and what is wrong. I tend to carry this burden with me into new situations, which end up influencing the way the entire situation plays out, often times creating the self-fulfilling prophecy that life is only hard and full of obstacles and problems. This creates a stressful, anxiety-ridden, confusing and un-enjoyable life for me, and I can no longer accept and allow this.

In this video, I discuss one such situation, where I took a moment before heading out into the world, to stop and change my starting point of ‘Who I Am’ when walking into a situation. The situation involved me applying for a visa to go on a trip to do some volunteer work. I had to go into government offices to get my passport updated and have a background check. These types of ‘official bureaucratic’  type situations have always triggered in me an automatic response of stress, anxiety, worry and resistance, and have in the past ended up with disastrous results (not following the process correctly, missing deadlines, filling out forms wrong, etc…). When I looked at who I was before doing a self-check, I noticed that my mind was searching for problems and things to get upset about, simply because I was embarking into a challenge. So I gave myself the opportunity to make a slight re-alignment of perspective.

In changing my starting point before going out, I found that, although the anxiety, stress and worry were still present in the background, I was able to stabilize it, and direct myself with confidence so that the entire play-out was smooth and even empowering.

In reality, what this looked like was dealing with officials with a more clear mind, absorbing the directions and information they were telling me, asking questions in the areas I did not understand, and standing equal to them instead of going into inferiority and self-compromise and leaving more confused than ever.

Do you ever ask yourself why you just accept the first thought and interpretation that comes up in our mind when embarking on something new? How dis-empowering is that? Take a moment before entering into a situation to DECIDE Who and How you will be. Keep yourself in check throughout, and you will see MANY things open up that you would have otherwise missed.

Read this blog to see how you can dig into your past to see how you created yourself as who you are today, as a first step to empower yourself to change: Dermatillomania and the Truth of Me

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