Picking in Awareness (Mid-Session Support)

Picking in Awareness (Mid-Session Support)

Picking in awareness

This is a video addressing how to support yourself while you are in a picking session. I talk about how to lessen the damage while you are picking. If you can’t stop, at least you can be gentler with yourself.

This video covers the following important points:

  • Can you get picking ‘out of your system’ by accepting and allowing yourself to fully indulge?
  • A point of support you can use to lessen the impact and damage of a picking session.
  • Considering life outside of OCD/dermatillomania, what can you develop for yourself in that space?
  • Discussing where your mind’s eye is looking during a picking session.
  • How to be honest with yourself while you are picking, and what this changes.
  • What happens when I ‘pick in awareness’.
  • When can using cover up and foundation be a tool of support instead of a hiding?
  • How does OCD/dermatillomania act like an entity within you, and how does an understanding of this empower you to develop more control over your own hands?

Click here for the video to open up in a new tab: Picking In Awareness

The other video I mention is here: Stopping Mid-Pick

To see the self-forgiveness that supported me to walk through the barriers to actually be able to assert myself to stop mid-pick: Distorting Reality During Skin-Picking

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