Stopping ‘Mid-Session’

See the Video Here


You know that feeling while you are picking and your body feels paralyzed, and it’s like there is NOTHING you can do to stop? This is the stage in the OCD cycle that I call ‘mid-session’ or ‘mid-pick’. I made this video right after I managed to stop an OCD session mid-pick! In the video below, I share the tricks that I used to get myself to stop.

First you can read over the important points from the video, then click the link below the text and it will open up in a new tab for you!

Important points:
– How you feel about the word ‘discipline’, and how that can be sabotaging you, along with the way to change this into a word of support.
– How to ground yourself when you are lost in a picking session.
– The mind-activity that is going on during a session, the detriments of that, and the solutions hidden within it.

– What it feels like to stop mid-pick, and how to get through that difficult moment.

– How to ‘trick’ your mind to move from picking, to working your way out of picking, in a gentle and un-traumatic way.

– How OCD/dermatillomania is like an entity in itself, with protection and defense mechanisms, as well as manipulations tactics, and how to carefully navigate through them.

– How to regain your perspective.

– An important reminder,

– An earnest request.

See the Video Here


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