Long Road

You Are HERE

If you made it here, it means you are searching. Either searching for answers, searching for help, searching for support and understanding about living with dermatillomania, or all of the above. I am here to let you know that you’ve made it.

Where is Here?

You’ve made it to a cross-roads where something moved you to start seeking. That something is a deep and profound knowing and understanding that there is a change that needs to be made, and that this change involves all of you as Who You Are. The cross-roads involves making a decision: Will I Stand and make a Change to bring out the Best in Me? Or will I continue my life as it is, where my living has become a form of coping, where I feel like an eternal prisoner within myself, and where I creeate consequences for myself and those around me?

The Decision

This website stands as that point of taking a stand, once and for all. It is not for those that are not yet ready to make this decision. If you are serious about your life, your quality of life, the changes that need to be made, and Who You Are for yourself, as well those you live with or that depend upon you, then take a moment right now to make that commitment.

The Road to Self

This space offers the starting point of a journey into and as self, where we will walk a process of getting to know the self that has been diminished and compromised as a result of living with dermatillomania. In walking this process and journey, a new self will be developed, one that is strong and stable, where you learn to become your own safe haven.

Becoming an Example of Living Change

I am here to stand as an example; to present to you the changes that are possible to be made in your own life, so that we can step up together and stand together  as examples of living change for others, including our children. I have proven to myself that I CAN manage this disorder and live a normal life. I CAN find the gifts in this disorder and use them to benefit my life and living, turning it into a blessing instead of a curse.

Use All Resources Available to You

In order to become a living, leading example, we must help ourselves first. This involves using ALL available resources at your disposal. Using all resources involves keeping an open mind and trying new things within the principles of testing all things, and keeping what works. This means looking to professionals and therapies,  to religion/spirituality, homeopathy/medication, diet, exercise, existentialism and most importantly, looking to self and those around you that are willing to support.

How to Use this Site

Each one of us is living their own unique lives with different resources available. We can each customize our support systems in such a way that it supports us in our own individual realities. As you read over the material on this site, go ahead and try it out for yourself. Apply the techniques in your own life. It may be new and uncomfortable at first, so remember to keep an open mind, and really give it your ALL, for you, to show yourself you are committed to saving yourself in this life.

To begin, read the ‘About’ page. Then, choose a tab in the list of menus at the top of the page, Click the menu item to get a description of the material found on the drop-down menu. You can also browse the categories on the right-hand side of the page.

Notice the techniques, relate to what has been revealed as the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind that has been running on auto-pilot behind the scenes, right beneath our awareness. See if you can write out and reveal your own mind and auto-pilot default mode of living to yourself, in order to identify where you see you are not living your utmost potential, thus indicating where changes need to be made.

Try reading the self-forgiveness statements out loud to yourself, see the effect it has on you to hear yourself speak these words to yourself. Speak them AS you. Notice the structure of the writing and try it out for yourself, making this an individual process, customized to you, your life and living.

Thank you, and let us  begin!

Please note:

Within this site, you may notice that I use the terms OCD, dermatillomania, skin-picking and excoriation interchangeably. This is due to the fact that the condition is in it’s early stages of research and investigation, and has been labelled differently over the years.

This website is not designed to diagnose mental illness, nor is it to be used to replace any form of treatment. Use this site in conjunction with all other forms of treatments or therapy. Suport yourself in the way that is best for you.